Grab your snacks, it's story time

We source the best from around the world… just for you!

Our ALMONDS are proudly grown in California, USA. They’re the largest supplier of almonds worldwide so you know they’re going to be delicious.
MUNCHH! CASHEWS are from Vietnam. Yes, you heard right, Vietnam is the largest cashew producing country all over the world, so where else would we get ours from?
We’re mad for our MACADAMIAS from Australia. They have the perfect conditions to grow deliciously creamy macas which makes them so mmmmorish!
We source our PECANS from Australia. Why? Because pecans enjoy the hot humid summers of northern NSW and South-Eastern Queensland.
Our HAZELNUTS are a Turkish delight! Turkey has just the right weather conditions for growing them and is one of the largest suppliers globally.

Expert Batch Roasters

At MUNCHH! all our nuts are batch roasted which means they're roasted in smaller quantities. Which means better quality control. They adjust roasting & seasoning on a batch-by-batch basis. It's a real craft and takes years of knowledge, experience, intuition & passion to perfect the art. Most importantly it means ridiculously better tasting snacks for you!

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