Grab your snacks, it's story time

For years we've been proudly sourcing the best quality dried fruit and nuts for New Zealanders. That means real ingredients from the best growers, all around the world.

We also collaborate with a local team of batch roasters who've been perfecting their craft for years. Because quality means everything. And we know our dedication to detail means a mouthful you can enjoy whole-heartedly.

But our commitment to quality never gets in the way of what matters most – exciting your tastebuds. We're not here to be food snobs. We just want you to say 'hey, that’s pretty damn good!'.

That's why we created MUNCHH!™. It's our passion for excellence and munchability, all rolled into one. You could say that makes us a bit snack-ish. And we'd say, absolutely.

You see, not everyone wants to change the world. Some of us just want to fill your belly.

And while delicious, nutritious treats might not solve everything, they're certainly a great place to start.

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